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Red Wines

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Rustic Red

Made from Brigadoon Winery vineyard grapes, this is a fermented wine of 5 of our red grapes with a dry finish and a medium oak to bring you this complex wine. Discover notes of currant, apple, dark cherry, tobacco, berry, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Ruby Shiraz

A dry red with a deep ruby color. This wine is crafted fruit forward with a medium French oak finish. Spicy notes backed with a currant and cherry earthiness.

Pinot Noir*

A dry red, light on the oak, bursting with a fruity bouquet.

* Available in heavy oak at winery only.

Highland Red

A dry red with a deep silky color, a unique fragrance and finishing with a soft fruit taste.

Red Merlot*

A smooth and velvety dry red with a fruit forward berry finish with a medium oak.

* Available in heavy oak at winery only.

Elusive Red

A non-oaked dry red wine crafted from the Malbec grape with rich deep color, lush fruity characters, with bittersweet notes and immense flavor.


A dry red wine, fruit forward, with a light oak finish. An excellent wine for those wanting a lighter red wine. Not meant for sipping but to be paired up with food.

Uncommon Red

Bold and earthy dry red wine with a deep rich color. Light currant, cherry and licorice notes with a finish long and tannic.

Highland Mist

For the dryer palate, this red wine is deep in color and rich in flavor with a good oak aroma.